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GA600 imperial GA600M metric

Item Description Order No. Standard Kit inc. Metric Kit inc.
Standard Kit GA-600    
Metric Kit GA-600M    
Slide Shaft GAO-1 Yes Yes
Slide Hammer GAO-2 Yes Yes
Tightening Sleeve GAO-3 Yes Yes
Removal Basin GAO-21 Yes Yes
Gripping Collets Order No. Standard Kit inc. Metric Kit inc.
3/16" GAO-4    
1/4" GAO-5 Yes  
5/16" GAO-6 Yes  
3/8" GAO-7 Yes  
7/16" GAO-8 Yes  
1/2" GAO-9    
9/16" GAO-19    
5/8" GAO-20    
.640" GAO-15    
.675" GAO-11    
11/16" GAO-17    
.735" GAO-12    
3/4" GAO-18    
.800" GAO-16    
4mm GAO-22   Yes
5mm GAO-13   Yes
6mm GAO-14   Yes
7mm GAO-26    
8mm GAO-10   Yes
10mm GAO-23    
12mm GAO-24    
14mm GAO-25    

BULLDOG - Dowell Pin Puller

• 16:1 lever ratio
• 40lbs of force equals 640lbs of pull
• Safely removes 8mm, 5/16, 1/4 and 6mm dowels

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