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SAE 770 Hot Tank Parts Washer

The SAE 770 hot tank parts washer is designed for cleaning all parts made from cast iron or steel in an average sized automotive or industrial workshop.

A large 650 litre capacity tank it can handle up to 500Kg with variable stroking

The SAE 770 parts washer's steel platform can be raised 25mm above the sides for ease of loading and unloading heavier items such as engine blocks and heads.

If desired smaller components can also be included on the platform and washed in the same cycle.

For ease of servicing the electrical elements are thermostatically controlled and above the fluid level

The SAE 770 uses FHT a caustic based hot tank product that is specifically formulated for the removal of grease, paint, oil and carbon from cast iron and steel.

The Hot Tank washer is not to be used for cleaning Aluminium or Zinc parts.

Chemical requirements 60kg.

Left-Right: 1200mm
Front-Back: 755mm
Top-Bottom: 850mm