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Premium quality equipment made and engineered in Italy:

Turbo Zeca - ART 675 Exhaust Extraction System


This Mobile Exhaust Gas Extractor System works with Compressed-Air to remove exhaust gases.

The compressed air introduced into the device creates a high-speed flow inside the chamber that aspirates exhaust gases. The aspiration power is easily adjustable by replacing the diaphragm on the air inlet. Two diaphragms are supplied with the exhaust gas extractor. One to use with cars and one to use with trucks and heavy duty vehicles.

  • New-concept air operated exhaust gas extractor.
  • Adjustable aspiration power.
  • Just one model for cars, vans, motorcycles and trucks.
  • No moving parts.

On Turbo Zeca, the "Car" diaphragm is fitted as standard:

  • Capacity equivalent to centrifugal aspirator 550 m³/h
  • Air consumption 330l/min. (compressor power about 4HP)
  • Noise level 70 db

By replacing the diaphragm with the "Truck" one, the aspirator becomes suitable for trucks:

  • Capacity equivalent to centrifugal aspirator 790 m³/h
  • Air consumption 430 l/min. (minimum compressor power 5.5hp)
  • Noise level 70 db

Supply pressure 6 bar.
Minimum Ø of supply pipe 10 mm.
Connect the exhaust gas extractor to the filtered and not-lubricated compressed-air line.

Allows all workshops in work in environments free of harmful gases.
Mounted in trolley, easy to move about.
Height adjustable (min height 100 mm / 4 inches, max height 1100 mm / 44 inches) and can be adapted to the exhaust pipe.
Self-supporting: simply move up to the exhaust pipe.
Suitable for fitting CO² control probes.
Hose support integrated in trolley.
Rubber nozzle to protect the vehicle body.
Do not use during FAP regeneration operation.

Art. 675- Turbo Zeca: exhaust gas extractor complete with wheeled trolley, diaphragm for cars and trucks, pipe Ø 120 mm (4.8 inches) length 6 m (20 feet).

Art. 678
 6 m (20 feet) hose section complete with clamps and connection sleeve.
Art. 677 Dual exhaust adaptor
Art. 675.225 Wheel kit
Art. 675.080 Rubber nozzle