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SAE Rail Exhaust Extraction system

This Modular Rail Exhaust Extraction System is primarily for extraction of motor vehicle exhaust gases in larger workshops where numerous vehicles are being worked on at the same time or multiple work stations spread throughout the building.

The AR150 is a centralised exhaust extraction system with multiple extraction points, for single exhausts or for a car or truck testing line. The rails can be assembled in various lengths up to 50 metres using central air points. From these rails sliding crabs with hose retractors are added so that the numbers can vary in line with the number of bays being serviced. Another alternative to the sliding crab is the reel system that slides in position on the rail.

We can accommodate the most basic system of a fan, hose and nozzle to a fixed reel and fan to the complete rail system.

The AR150 comprises a  self supporting rail made from extruded aluminium available in 2 m and 4 m lengths (3 m on request) and supplied with neoprene seals that can be coupled and connected to each other with related flanges

The system can be made to a specific requirement using the movable suction trolleys, sliding crab with retractable hose fixtures and sliding hose reels.

We also sell replacement hose of Ø75 and Ø100 mm.

Extruded Aluminium Rail Accessories

SLC-AR 150

Sliding crab for aluminuim rail model AR-150, for hoses Ø 75 mm. to Ø 150 mm.


Universal balancer with counter release, for hoses Ø 75 mm. to Ø 125 mm., length from 5 m to 10 m.


Mechanical spring or motorized driven hose reel, supplied in different cilinder length from 600 to 1000 mm., with hose Ø 75 mm. to Ø 150 mm. and length variable from 5 m to 15 m.
Hose reels can be used on the rail through specific sliding crab model SLC-AR 150 HR.