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Premium quality equipment made and engineered in Italy:

Comec VPT 130 - Cylinder Head Pressure Tester

VPT 130 is a water tank pressure tester which allows, with precision and ease, detection of possible cracks and leakage of cylinder heads and blocks by immersion in hot water. The tank, complete with its cover, is manufactured of stainless steel and perfectly insulated to avoid heating dispersion and is filled with water which is heated by two powerful heating elements which operate independently and are controlled by an automatic timer which includes heating programs to optimixe and reduce electric consumptions.
The cylinder head is clamped, by using the standard equipment included with the machine, on the cradle which is actuated by an over dimensioned hydraulic unit that moves, quickly and without effort, cylinder heads and blocks particularly heavy and furthermore revolves of 360¾ thanks to a motoreducer; that allows a whole visibility of the head, even if when totally submerged, for an easy and prompt detection of leakage.  

Technical Characteristics
Maximum cylinder head capacity 1200x400x300 mm
Tank capacity 504 l
Maximum cradle stroke 600 mm
Heating Elements 2 x 4.5 kW
Adjustable working temprature 0-90º C
Cradle revolving speed 4 rpm
Cradle up-down speed 60 mm/sec
Hydraulic hoist motor 0.37 kW
Cradle revolving motoreducer 0.25 kW
Dimensions (LxWxH) 2000x1050x1700 mm
Weight 420kg

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Comec VPT 160 - Cylinder Head Pressure Tester


Comec BST 860 Pneumatic Cylinder Head Work Station

BST 860 cylinder head work station allows all kind of operations on cylinder heads such as disassembling, reassembling.. Several adjustments of BST 860 enable you to find the best working position: The head can be firmly locked by a fast clamping system, which is on a 360¾ roll-over table, allowing an easy access of to all points. Several regulators on the pneumatic cylinder allows for plenty of working positions. It’s activated by a foot pedal which leaves the hands free. It is equipped with a pressure regulator complete with filter, providing a wide working pressure adjustments. Standard equipment includes a set of different size of finger tip retainers for any application.  

Head Bench 315019000

• Ideal for today small cylinder heads. 

• Head supports are adjustable and protected with non scratch plastic.

• The push rod is adjustable for deep valve chambers. 

• Comes with slide hammer and travel limit that guarantees the same stroke for each valve.

• When the valve spring is compressed, the machine can be locked allowing work to be done with both hands free.


The Line Boring Machine LBM 850 allows the reconditioning of housing holes either of camshaft cylinder heads and crankshaft blocks of cards and light trucks as well.
The boring bar is held by three sturdy, movable arms which offer high rigidity while machining, whilst perfect and quick centring of the workpiece respect to the boring seats is allowed thanks to fine adjustment knobs, either in height and cross movements, assisted by a pair of centring devices complete of dial indicators. The versatile and useful fixture simplify and speed-up the clamping operation of any kind of cylinder heads and blocks. The boring bar rotation speed can be infinitively adjusted thanks to the inverter complete of digital read-out which displays always the correct working speed.

Technical Characteristics
Boring capacity 24 - 85 mm
Max spindle travel 100 mm
Min-Max distance height supports to bar C/L 100 - 376 mm
Max cylinder head and block length 810mm
Max cylinder head and block width 300mm
Variable spindle rotation speeds 250 - 100 rpm
Spindle traverse rate 0 - 1000 mm/min
Feed Motor power 0.50 HP
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1780x800x1285 mm
Weight 375 Kg


Valve Seat Machines

High precision machines to work seats and valve guides of all cylinder heads.

Great precision & machining capacity covers all cylinder heads including motorcycles and industrial.
Machines from guides of 3.5 mm to 14mm.
Automatic centring system based on a spherical tool holder air-float  table with variable speed and digital counter display.

  • Three air cushions - upper bed and the spindle head (2 axis), spindle (spherical cushion 360°) and  clamping fixture lower bed (2 axis).
  • The new lower table enables work on very long industrial motor heads.
  • Registrable mechanical end of stroke for repetitive works.
  • Integrated lighting with neon light on the base of the machine and halogen lamps on the spindle work head.
  • Vacuum checker, carbide tip sharpener and tool rack integrated on the machine.

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* SAE are the Australian Distributors  for COMEC machines

Specifications FSV 080 FSV 110
Max cylinder head dimensions
Length illimited illimited
Width 550 mm 550 mm
Height 450 mm 450 mm
Machining capacity 14 to 90mm 14 to 90mm
Centering workhead travel
Lengthwise 800 mm 1080 mm
Micrometric crosswise 7 mm 8 mm
Spindle vertical travel 200 mm 200 mm
Max spindle inclination +/- 6° +/- 6°
Spindle motor power 0.75 kW 0.75 kW
Spindle rotation speed RPM 35-850 RPM 35-700 RPM
Electric supply 1.5kW 1.5 kW
Air pressure supply 6 Bars 6 Bars
Air volume supply 300 L/min 300 L/min
Noise level at 700 RPM 60 DBA 60 DBA
Approximative net weight 800 Kg 1200 Kg
Overall machine dimensions(LxWxH) 1200x1000x2100 mm 1520x1000x2100mm

Technical Characteristics
Minimum honing diameter 1 3/16"
Maximum honing diameter 4 3/4"
Maximum honing stroke 9 7/8"
Spindle revolution 400/310/220 RPM
Wheelhead motor 1HP - 0.74 kW
Dimensions LxWxH 28 3/4" x 20 7/8" x 53 1/8"
Weight 627 lbs

Heavy Duty Valve Spring Compressor 315021000

Complete universal pneumatic tool for assembling and disassembling engine valves, heavy duty version. It is advisable to use it on trucks. S.M.V. Universal pneumatic tool for assembling and disassembling engine valves, suitable for the disassembling and assembly of all types of valves on petrol and diesel engines. Thanks to its special features this tool finally provides a modern solution to an old problem familiar to all engine mechanics. Practical and easy to use, it permits time savings of up to 60-70%, especially during valve assembly. This tool pays for itself after a very short time.  

Extra Heavy Duty pneumatic Valve Spring compressor 315 024 000

Thanks to its special features this tool provides a modern solution to an old problem familiar to all engine mechanics by freeing hands to work on different sections of the engine block.

Complete universal pneumatic tool for assembling engine valves for cars and trucks.

Practical and easy to use it gives time savings of up to 60-70%, especially during valve assembly, means it pays for itself after a very short time.

Full Pressure feet Equipped
Jaws handle springs from 19mm to 50mm (3/4’’ – 2’’) diameter. Quick and precise adjustment in millimetre increments due to its locking handle

Cylinder Stroke
Cylinder stroke is 90mm (3 ½”) allows compression of any kind of spring while guaranteeing safety

Cylinder  High Power
Requires only 6 bar (90psi) of compressed air to operate.With a working pressure of 10bar (145psi) the compressor force is 500kgf (1.102lbf)

Aluminium Technology
The cylinder is made of light alloy and nylon resin with fibreglass thereby avoiding corrosion and oxidation of the machine parts.

Strong C-Frame system
Heavy duty frame is CNC machined and made of quality steel

Safety Valve
The drive valve can function only when the spring compressor is connected to the compressed air system. Therefore the machine can be disconnected while the spring is compressed without any likelihood of danger


  • Machine : 630 x 300 x 95 mm
  • Case 485 x 375 x 185mm
  • Machine Weight 7.2 KG
  • Working pressure min 6bar Max 10bar
  • Power 10bar = 500kgh
Valve spring compressor EXTRA HEAVY DUTY 315 024
Pressure foot Ø 40 mm (A) 315 024 014
Pressure foot Ø 32 mm (B) 315 024 015
Pressure foot Ø 23,5 mm (C) 315 024 016
Magnet - Length = 165 mm (D) 315 024 017






Complete valve keepers kit.

The Valve keeper installation tool is especially designed for multi groove keepers.

The valve keeper tool is available in five sizes: 5 mm, 6 mm, 7-8 mm.

Valve Keeper Magnet 315 020 007

Handy tool in plastic material with magnets on both ends.

Used to pick up loose keepers easily, especially in narrow and difficult areas.

  • Length: 165 mm.

Manual bench complete with 3 pressure feet with adaptors 315 019 000

The two head supports are implemented with non-scratch plastic material and are adjustable from 0 to 30°.

There are two handles for locking when the right inclination is set.

It is also possible to regulate the horizontal position of the head moving the pins to the opposite holes up and down. There is a long regulation also for the push rod in case of deep valve chambers. The frame can be rotated 30° on both sides.

Moreover can be regulated also forward and backwards. In case of valves locked hard into the seat, hit on the slide hammer on the top with a plastic mallet. The bench is also provided with a Travel limit device that guarantees the same stroke for each valve.

Meanwhile while the valve spring is compressed, the operator can block the position using the apposite pin. Consequently he can work on the valves with both hands free.

  • Dimensions: 785x500x625 mm.
  • Stroke: 265 mm. 
  • Cylinder head: 750 mm 
  • Max length : 185 mm. min
  • Inclination angle = 0°-30°
  • Total weight: 25,5 Kg.
Manual bench useful to assembly and disassembly engine valves 315 019
Pressure foot Ø 25,5 with 5 adaptors: 24,5 - 25 - 27 - 29 - 32 mm (A) 315 020 002
Pressure foot Ø 34 with 3 adaptors: 34 - 41 - 50 mm (B) 315 020 003
Pressure foot Ø 19,8 mm (C) 315 020 006