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Premium quality equipment made and engineered in Italy:



The Comec RP 330 Cylinder Head Reconditioning Machine is a small milling and grinding machine for the reconditioning of flat surface like cylinder heads or engine blocks whether in aluminium or cast iron.

• Strong cast iron frame.
• Dry cutting or wet grinding in accordance with the requirement.
• Possibility of wet grinding on by means of the outfit RP 330 having the coolant pump, the splash guard and the cabinet.

Technical Characteristics
Table surface 26 3/8"x10½
Max. distance table to grinding wheel 13"
Grinding wheel vertial travel 8"
Diameter of grinding 13"
Spindle speed 700-1400 RPM
Automatic feed speed (both directions) 6"/min
Wheel head motor power 1.125-1.875 kW
Feed motor power 0.11 kW
Cooland pump motor Mod. C power 0.11 kW
Dimensions LxWxH Mod. C 55x47x68"
Weight Mod. C 893 lbs


The experience in resurfacing cast iron and aluminium by using special tools like CBN or PCD at high speed, give us the possibility to developpe and realise this engine head and block resurfacing machine.
Features like a wide working capacity (970 mm table travel), the variable speed of head and table by frequency inverters, and the price extremely interesting, make it the perfect choice for the small garage and also for the big engine rebuilding workshop.

Technical Specifications
Table travel 970 mm
Max workpiece lenght 815 mm
Max workpiece width 310 mm
Min-Max workpiece height 190 - 430 mm
Cutting plate diameter 310 mm
Variable spindle speed rotation 110 - 900 rpm
Variable table travel speed 0 - 600 mm/min
Head motor power 1,1 kW
Table motor power 0,75 kW
Dimensions (LxLxH) 1550x870x1720 mm
Weight 525 Kg


The RP 1000 is a resurfacing machine for cylinder heads and blocks of cars and trucks as well as all flat surfaces which require a high mating surface of finishing and accuracy. All parts composing the machine as basement, table, column and head are of high quality cast iron widely well-framed which offers high rigidity and sturdiness features. Table feed operates by a ball screw drive extremely precise even at slow feed speeds; a frequency inverter which controls the ball screw driving motoreducer, offers a variable speed feed widely adjustable by potentiometer.

Technical Specifications
Table travel 1050 mm
Max workpiece lenght 895 mm
Max workpiece width 315 mm
Max workpiece height 545 mm
Min workpiece height 125 mm
Segmented grinding wheel diameter 315 mm
Variable head speed rotation 550 - 1450 rpm
Variable table travel speed 130 - 1300 mm/min
Head motor 2.2 kW
Table motor 0.75 kW
Head rapid feed motor 0.18 kW
Coolant pump motor 0.10 kW
Dimensions (LxLxH) 1680x1100x1850 mm
Weight 1015 Kg


The RP 1300 is a resurfacing machine for cylinder heads and blocks of cars and trucks as well as all flat surfaces which require an high mating surface finishing and accuracy. The technology design adopted on RP 1300 combines well tested solutions as the flat and V-shaped ways machined directly on the basement and always perfectly lubricated that grant an excellent run fluidity even at slow feed speeds, with other more innovative features as the ball screw drive feed with a wide adjustable speed feed and infinitely adjustable spindle speed by inverter or the automatic cycle for milling operation.
In fact the RP 1300 is supplied, as standard equipment, with segmented grinding wheel for cast iron or aluminium and pre-chamber cylinder head resurfacing and brazed tool for aluminium machining.

Technical Specifications
Table travel 1350 mm
Maximum working lenght 1175 mm
Maximum working width 350 mm
Maximum working height <8with option CRZ130) 600 mm (750 mm)
Useful table surface 1100x230 mm
Grinding wheel diameter 350 mm
Spindle rotation speed (with option VMV013) 1450 rpm (550÷1450)
Variable table feed speed 0÷1500 mm/min
Spindle motor 4.2 kW
Table motoreducter 0.75 kW
Rapid feed motor 0.5 kW
Coolant pump motor 0.25 kW
Dimensions (LxLxH) 2500x1000x1800 mm
Weight 1380 Kg

Comec RP 1400 PLC Cylinder head and block resurfacer

The Comec RP 1400 PLC is a resurfacing machine for cylinder heads and engine blocks of cars and trucks as well as for all flat surfaces which require a maximum accuracy of the contact surfaces. The construction technology combines highly innovative solutions such as the brushless motor for automatic positioning and precise plate mill controlled by PLC to established technologies such as linear guides and ball screws drive feed. The axes and the speed of rotation of the cutter are controlled by an inverter is in fact possible to control the speed of advancement. The control panel is an industrial touch screen, equipped with a simple and intuitive program. The RP PLC 1400 can be provided with a plate for grinding with abrasive segments or of a mill cutter with tool holder for insert of CBN-PCD diameter with 355mm or 405mm for smoothing of the surfaces in cast iron or aluminum. For heads with precombustion chamber you can use a special tool that ensures a perfect finish them.  

Table travel 1400 mm
Maximum working length 1195 mm
Maximum working width 355 mm (405mm OPTIONAL)
Maximum working height 720 mm
Useful table surface 920x230 mm
Grinding wheel diameter 355 mm (405mm OPTIONAL)
Spindle rotation speed 300÷1500 RPM
Variable table feed speed 0÷1500 mm/min
Spindle motor 4.0 kW
Table motoreducter 0.75 kW
Rapid feed motor 0.5 kW
Coolant pump motor 0.25 kW
Dimensions (LxLxH) 2180x1280x2000 mm
Weight 1410 Kg


The belt surfacer Comec SPN800 is the most economical and productive way to resurface engine parts like: intake and exhaust manifolds, cylinder heads, covers and every gasket surface area.
This model is the easiest machine of their kind to operate, thanks to the foot safety switch, and to maintain, for the fast and easy replacement of grinding belt. Moreover it requires no preparation or set-up other than lifting the work to the grinding surface, so it can be easily operated by a semi-skilled operator.

Technical Characteristics
Maximum work area 800 x 300 mm
Grindig belt speed 3.2 m/sec
Motor power 3 kW
Belt size 2260 x 300 mm
Overall dimensions 1560 x 550 x 420 h
Weight 160 kg