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You can't fake an original

The real cost in owning a Parts Washer is the continual cost of new replacement solvent

  • The unique water filter on the S.A.E. 32 doubles the intervals between solvent change.
  • The S.A.E. uses only 40 litres of solvent.
  • With 4-6 months between solvent changes, that’s a saving of around $400/year.
  • The S.A.E. 32 will pay for itself in 2 years.
  • No messy filters to change.
  • Grease and sludge are collected at the bottom of the drum, within the baggie liners, supplied.
  • Heavy duty, 16 gauge, fully welded construction.
  • Hinged anti-fire lid with approved fusible link.
  • Polyethylene drum.
  • 100% Australian made including the pump.

The unique parts washer filtering system uses the principle that a petroleum based solvent is both insoluble in and lighter than water. While the unit is in operation, the solvent is continuously recycled. As the solvent gets redistributed into the water, via the drain tube, droplets are formed that rise back up to the main body of solvent. The water retains the particles and impurities which then falls to the bottom to be collected.

Along with filtering, the water creates a turbulence barrier between the solvent and sludge that settles to the bottom of the tank.

In addition, a baggie liner is used to line the base tank preventing the settled sludge from adhering to the bottom and walls of the tank. This greatly reduces cleaning downtime by making it possible to remove the sludge by simply lifting out the baggie liner.