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Automotive Parts Washers, Parts Degreaser

Our Parts Washers/Spray Washers /Degreasers are designed to answer all parts washing requirements for automotive and industrial workshops where cleaning parts is a necessary part of the job process.

Our range of washers are either manual washers for small parts (engines, brakes, transmissions or working in confined spaces) where parts are placed in a solvent solution and hand washed


machine washers for larger pieces of equipment with a rotating basket and spray arms similar to a domestic dishwasher.

The range of parts washers /cleaners includes small washers for parts up to 32" in length, Under car washers, Jet washers (also known as Spray Washers or Spin Washers) for washing parts up to 500 KG  and Bead Blasters for Cleaning DRY metal parts/components in a cabinet with garnet sand or similar abrasive

Whatever your automotive or industrial parts cleaning needs we have you covered. 

SAE 32 Parts Washer & Degreaser


Get yourself some premium quality equipment made and engineered in Australia:

The SAE 32 parts washer and degreaser is a manual parts washer for automotive and industrial mechanical workshops used for cleaning auto and industrial parts up to 32"in length.

The washer uses a solvent to loosen the dirt, grime, oil or carbon from the engine parts and as this economical parts washer uses 40% less solvent than competitors and because of its unique water filtration system the solvent lasts 2- 3 times longer than competitive parts washers.

The SAE 32 parts washer is made in Australia from long lasting welded 16 gauge steel finished in baked Durethane sitting on a 95 litre capacity polyethylene drum.

Technical Characteristics SAE 32
Length 32" - 813mm
Width 22" - 559mm
Depth 10" - 254mm
Height: - closed 37" - 940mm
Height: - open 60" - 1524mm
Drum Capacity 95 Litres
Solvent Required 60 Litres
Weight: Tub Fittings 31 Kilos
Weight: Solvent Drum 8 Kilos
Electrics 240 Volt. 50 Cycle

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SAE 1340 - Parts Washer

The largest model in the SAE parts washer range the SAE 1340 parts washer can accommodate parts or components up to 1200cm in length it has no peer in the automotive or industrial parts washing category.

Finished in baked Durethane or Stainless steel, it uses 80 litres of solvent, has a tank capacity of 180 litres and features a 240v pump and safety fusible link

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Technical Characteristics SAE 1340
Length 1200mm
Width 750mm
Depth 450mm
Height (closed) 1110mm
Height (open) 1810mm
Drum Capacity 180 Litres
Solvent Required 80 Litres
Weight 50 Kilos
Electrics 240 Volt. 50 Cycle

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SAE 600 / SAE 600 OD Undercar Wash & Oil Drainer


Ideal for brake & transmission shops.

The wash can be used to clean off around brake and transmission housings. Comes equipped with air pump; flow through brush and air blow off gun.

The oil drainer collects used oil from engines/transmissions and transfers via an air pump to a drum for disposal.


Length 1000mm
Width 600mm
Depth 200mm
Tank capacity 60 litres
Pump capacity 6 lpm

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