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Premium quality equipment made and engineered in Australia:

SAE 34 Jet washer - Spin Washers, Spray Washers, Rotary Parts Washers, Parts Degreaser

The most popular automatic parts washer in our range with a basket diameter of 34" (886 mm)  The SAE 34 Jet washer  has a rounded front and unique lid that not only saves space but makes it far more user friendly than other spin parts washers on the market. It is an effective and efficient machine for auto workshops for cleaning engine blocks, crankshafts, engine parts and others equipment to a weight of 450 Kg.

Features include

  • Economical, Tank can be filled with as little as 80 litres
  • Easy maintenance. Removing one bolt gives access to lower tank for cleaning
  • Adjustable thermostat  for optimal performance
  • Easy to load as the top spray bar does not restrict operation
  • Ease of operation with wheels as standard equipment
Technical Characteristics SAE 34
Useful Basket Size (MM) 860
Useful Internal Height 550
Load Capacity (KG) 450
External Dimensions
Height (mm) 1200
Depth (front to back) 950
Width (inc. Box) 965
Loading Height 850
Max Flow 300
Electric Elements 3.6
Max Tank Capacity 120
Voltage 240v

SAE 42/46 Jet washer - Parts washer - Parts degreaser - Available with Powered Basket

The SAE 42 and SAE 46 Jet washers are the largest models in the SAE Jet washer range with baskets 42'(1066mm) and 46" (1168 mm) and are  sure to make light of all your ferrous and cast iron parts washing needs.

These Jet washers pump a mixture of 76.C. hot water and detergent through a series of spray bars saturating the items in the variable speed rotating basket either water driven or via a gear box.

The combination of detergent, anti-rust additive and the 76.C water results in the cleaned parts flash drying in seconds ready for use.

  • One bolt allows access to lower water tank for easy maintenance.
  • Lid opens through 90deg.for easy loading  by overhead gantry and  space below for engine crane use
  • Wheels are standard enabling repositioning closer to site
  • Thermostat  with adjustable control
  • Timer switch (0-60 mins) for control of cycle time switch off
  • Internal shell made from 3mm plate
  • Auto cut off when lid is opened during cycle
  • Sight glass ensures adequate water monitoring
  • Fully insulated for energy savings
Technical Characteristics Model 42 Model 46
Useful Basket Size (MM) 1066 1168
Useful Internal Height 580 650
Load Capicity (KG) 450 500
External Dimensions
Height (mm) 1240 1310
Depth (front to back) 1160 1270
Width (inc. Box) 1360 1470
Pump Motor (KW) 3.5 3.5
Pump Pressure (KPA) 490 490
Electric Elements 10.8 14.4
Tank Capacity 250 285
Voltage 3 Phase 415V 415V
Timer 0-60 Mins 0-60 Mins