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Super Spray Clean “SSC”
Powered low foaming compound for use in jetwash and sray wash machines. Contains rust inhibitor to prevent flash rusting. Use at 80 deg C at 3%.

Ferrous Hot Tank “FHT”
Caustic based Hot tank product used for the removal of grease paint oil & carbon from Cast Iron/Steel Engine blocks and heads. Not for use with Aluminium or Zinc. Run at 90 Deg C at 8%.

Sodium Glutamate
To be added to FHT to increase rust removal and extend life of tank contents.

Hot Alloy Tank “HAT”
An Environmentally friendly Alloy Hot tank chemical for the removal of oil and carbon. Run at 80 Deg C at 20%.

Hot Alloy Tank Booster
Add to SSC as an alternative for cleaning Alloy products. Run at 80 Deg C at 10%.

SAE Cold Bath
Traditional Cold Tank Solvent based Decarbonise. Excellent for Alloys heads and other non ferrous materials. Used with water seal.

Alloy Cleaner SAE Marine Clean
Acid for the removal of corrosive build up in marine applications.

Hand Cleaner – 115832 –115834
4X4 Litre cartridge. Care clean lime Dispenser.

Oil Remover – GPC 50
Unique water based oil remover, can be used in pressure washers very effective in removing spilt oils; use at 1:40 for general cleaning or 1:2 for spilt oil.

Chemical Cleaning Gloves

Safety Glasses
SG 85952