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SAE 1000 - Bead Blaster

The SAE 1000 Dry Blast Cabinet is a budget priced heavy duty parts cleaner retaining many features of the more expensive cabinets.

The SAE bead blaster is primarily used for cleaning dry metal components (nothing greasy or wet) such as cylinder heads, brake components, clutch components, engine valves, etc.

It requires a compressed air supply from as little as 8l/s (16CFM) at 550kPa (80 PSIG) and uses most free flowing abrasives such as Glass Beads and Garnet Sand.

Features include...

  • Large viewing window
  • Large side opening door
  • Foot operated abrasive blast gun
  • Excellent visibility
  • Automatic feed hopper
  • Perforated work floor
  • Large opening heavy duty gauntlet gloves
  • Cartridge type dust collector
  • 240 volt fan and a safety air shut off when door is opened
Technical Specifications
Overall Height 2200 mm
Overall Width 1050 mm
Overall Depth 650 mm
Work Chamber Height 1010 mm
Work Chamber Width 1000 mm
Work Chamber Depth 600 mm
Door Opening Height 850 mm
Door Opening Width 500 mm
Window 450 x 240 mm
Lighting Twin 18 Watt Fluorescent
Dust Collector Motor 750 Watt
Voltage 240 Volt
All Steel Construction 2-3 mm
Air Requirements Min 16cfm(8 1/sec) Max 25cfm(12 1/sec)

Pressure Blast Cabinet SAE 1200 RP

The Pressure Blast Cabinet comes complete with:

- Pneumatic Foot Control Pedal 

- 20 Litres Pressure Vessel (Garnet Capacity 45 kg)

- 4.8 mm Tungsten Carbide Blast Nozzle

- Door Interlocks, 

- Twin Fluoro Lights

-Toughened Safety Glass Viewing Window

- HD Rubber Gauntlets with large openings

Optional Extras:

Technical Specifications
CFM Required 30 cfm @ 60 psi - using #3 Nozzle
Power Requirements 240 Volts, 3 Pin, 10 Amp Supply
Installed dimensions 2175 mm High x 1770 mm Wide x 1110 mm Deep
Work Chamber Dimensions 850 mm High x 1200 mm Wide x 900 mm Deep
Door Dimensions 775 mm High x 750 mm Wide