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Premium quality equipment made and engineered in Italy:

Comec RTV 530 Flywheel & Clutch Plate Grinder

This strong and powerful machine has been designed to quickly and precisely recondition flywheels or clutch plates.

It is equipped with:
• an outfit to properly centering and clamping the flywheels
• cooling plant complete of pump, setting tank and splash guard
• grinding wheel dresser and tool holder support  

Technical Characteristics
Maximum diameter of work 20"
Diameter of the rotary table 15 3/8
Distance between rotary table and wheel 0-7 7/8
Taper grinding wheel diameter 5 7/8
Rotary table speed 16 RPM
Grinding wheel speed 2860 RPM
Head motor 3 hp - 2.2 kw
Table motor 0.70 hp - 0.51 kw
Coolant pump motor 0.15 hp - 0.10 kw
Dimensions (LxWxH) 27Ω"x38?x64"
Weight 816 lbs


The grinding machine RTV 600 represents the best and most advanced solution for the reconditioning of flywheels and clutch plates.
• Strong cast iron frame.
• Powerful grindwheel motor of 6 HP (12 HP).
• Powered vertical head movement.
• Hardened and ground steel column.
• Adjustable head axis angle for conical grinding.
• Corner cutting fixture allowable.
• Conical sector type grindingwheel (patented), Optional Equipment.
• Efficient cooling system.
• Splash and safety guards.
• Wide range of accessories for quick and strong centerlining.  

Technical Characteristics
Maximum grinding diameter 630mm
Rotary table diameter 450mm
Max height table-weight 215mm
Taper grinding wheel speed 150mm
Rotary table speed 16 rpm
Grinding wheel speed 2800rpm
Power head motor RTV 600 / RTV 612 5.5hp (4kw) / 12hp (9kw)
Power table motor 0.75hp (0.55kw)
Power rapid feed head motor 0.25hp (0.18kw)
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1200x900x1600mm
Weight 710kg

Comec RTV 612 - Flywheel Grinder

Max Grinding Dia: 630mm
6hp/12hp. Motor + Coolant System
Powered Head: up/down