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Specialised Automotive Equipment

Welcome to the Specialised Automotive Equipment website!

For over 30 years SAE have been providing quality equipment to the automotive trade industry and are proud to have built a reputation for excellence.

Our skilled team, with over 80 years combined experience in the automotive industry, are ready to discuss your equipment requirements.

Whether you’re an existing business looking to upgrade your honing, boring or exhaust extraction systems, or a start-up looking for a complete fit-out, we can help.

With Australia’s most comprehensive range of specialised automotive equipment and the expertise to match, let us provide you with the tools for your workshop environment.

Our team is waiting for your call on (03) 9310 1222.


Exhaust Extraction

SAE is a leading supplier of exhaust fume extraction systems specifically designed to remove vehicle exhaust fumes from workshops and showrooms delivering a safe operating environment for staff and customers free of any OH&S concerns.

SAE specialise in automotive exhaust extraction systems ranging from portable fume removal systems to fixed rail modular exhaust extraction systems for larger workshops or service centres.


Parts Washers

SAE Parts Washers are designed to answer all parts washing requirements for automotive and industrial workshops where cleaning machine parts is a necessary part of the job process.

Our range of washers are either manual washers for smaller parts for engines, brakes, transmissions or working in confined spaces where parts are placed in a solvent solution and hand washed or machine washers for larger pieces of equipment with a rotating basket and spray arms similar to a domestic dishwasher.

The range of parts washers /cleaners includes small washers for parts up to 32" in length, Undercar washers, JetwashersJetwashers (also known as Spray or Spin Washers) for washing parts up to 500KG and Bead Blasters for Cleaning DRY metal parts/components in a cabinet with garnet sand or similar abrasive