Jumbo Zeca

Jumbo Zeca - ART 673

Portable Exhaust Gas Extractor designed to operate in any size workshop. Is an ideal alternative to fixed, space consuming, expensive systems. Suitable for use on cars, vans, motorcycles, light commercial, it allows the garage mechanic to work on the vehicle with the engine running, without causing pollution of the air or contravening the current workshop regulations.

Mounted on a robust metal trolley with simple and easy to adjust height and suction setting. The. extractor doesn't cause problems when using a Co2 Meter. The Extractor outlet hose has a quick fit collar, for easy disconnection when moving from one location to another.

  • 220 Volt engine. 50 Hz.
  • Protection degree IP54.
  • Supplied with 1,5 m of power cable, 3G1 ,5 mm2 section.
  • Delivered with 6 m plasticized heat-resistant [130°] ducting hose, 120 mm diameter, supported by a steel wire helix incorporated within 2 textile plies covered with self-extinguishing PVC.
  • Capacity 430 m3/h.
  • Max length outlet hose 18 m.
  • Max height outlet hose 12 m.

Optional extras
Art. 678 - Additional Ducting Hose (6 metres).